My experience with record players

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My experience with record players

Hey All,

Many of you have asked about my experience with the record player I currently use, namely the Audio Technica AT-LP1240. If you are familiar with record players, you may know that this model is the flagship of Audio Technica. If you are not, maybe you should go and check out where you can read reviews about record players and turntables. It costs close to 500 bucks and has all the features AT currently offers.

You need to know that I have a base of comparison as I have owned several record players in the past, some of which were sold for around the same price as the at-lp-1240.

As I am an experience record player user (and buyer) I have my personal list of things to look at when evaluating a device. The basic ones are sound quality; look; built-in quality materials; extra features.

Let’s start with sound quality, being the most important of all (least to me). It has the best sound quality of all the record players I have ever owned. Its quality is only comparable to one of my previous devices: the Teac TN-300. You can tell that they are in the same league of record players but there is no doubt that as for the sound quality, the LP 1240 is the better.

Let’s talk a bit about the look, although it is a subjective thing. Personally, I think the LP-1240 looks good but nothing extraordinary. The TEAC TN-300 looked way better. At the time of purchasing the lp1240, look wasn’t the top priority but sound was. If it had been otherwise, I wouldn’t have chosen it as there are many record players out there that look considerably better in my opinion.

teac tn 300 from the side

Material quality: this is the other thing where you understand why it is so much more expensive than other models (next to sound quality of course). It is built of high quality materials. It is well put together. Looks and feels expensive. And it is expensive so, this is kind of expected.

Finally, the extra features. By this I mean things like the ability to copy music from the vinyls to your computer etc. Honestly, this model lacks extra features. To be honest though, I couldn’t care less about it. I wanted to buy a record player that looks decent, will last long and sounds great. I don’t need it to do things a device like this is not supposed to do (play cassettes etc.). Conclusion is that I am very happy with my purchase. I have been using it for months and it seems to be durable no doubt.

If you have the funds and are looking for some quality stuff, you should go either for this or the TN-300. Of course, this is just an opinion.

Take care!